Thursday, October 06, 2005



This is the 'hot wire' section of our Bar Sargantana web site. Here the staff will publish posts of whats going on, previous event reports and general gossip all to keep our customers entertained and up to date.

You also have the opportunity to post your own comments and feedback to keep this section of our web site really live and up to date. Please feel free to enter your posts as often at you like.

Come back often,

See you soon,

Staff at Bar Sargantana!

This is a great place to go - I really enjoyed myself last night - thanks.

See you soon
See your still sporting a fine mullet Fause !! Think I may pop out and see you all soon too woo the spanished ladies on your 1210's !!
Hope you are all keepin well
Eddie 5 Bellies (from bsps)
Hey Eddie! The wheels of steel will always be open to you son!! Anytime you wish to pay us a visit then our doors are always open, it would be fantastic to see you again!!
Hey bar sargantana staff Thanks for a very entertaining week...shame we didn't get to hear d.j lemo spinning some tunes but i understand he was busy with a fruit bowl and a strange banana fetish(!!!)'nuff said?? lol xx
Hello Flakky/Fause
Hope you are well and had a nice xmas. Fara and I were in Barcelona for a few days over new year. Will make and upmost effot to come and visit you guys this year. not much of a dj thesedays but we can drink lots of vodka/red bull and remember the old times at ringerz !!!
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